Reasons Korea and I were meant to be… Part 1

1. My training video literally had the following quote in its about Korea section:

 ”Korea: the land of last minute everything”  

and that right there? That’s when I figured out Korea and I were soul mates. All my life, I’ve been trying to convince everyone and their moms that last minute dot com is THE way to live. Duh. And this entire time there was a whole COUNTRY who believed the same!

2. The Koreans are obsessed with removing their outdoor shoes and wearing house slippers/washroom slippers indoors. And by obsessed I mean when we returned from shopping and I wanted to step into the kitchen to put down all my new pink house stuff, my director said “no no no.. remove shoes!” Did I mention I still had one foot in the designated shoe area… and that THIS WAS IN MY OWN APARTMENT!?

So rewind back to first year Western when Heidi and I shared a dorm room in Saugeen. Google Saugeen and you’ll see why what I’m about to say would be considered ridiculous in ANY dorm room but ESPECIALLY so given the special place Saugeen holds in the spectrum of dorms. (read: THE party dorm in THE party uni of Canada) So obviously asking our new and potential friends to remove their shoes while entering our little haven would put us in the uncool category. Banished forever. (Did I mention we lived on the all girls floor which meant we were already considered pretty uncool) SO using my little grey cells I came up with this GENIUS idea to buy white carpet to put over the existing carpet in our dorm room. Ya, you read that correctly. White carpet. In a first year dorm room. Saugeen, no less. Problem solved. Now we had a legitimate reason to ask our future friends to remove their shoes.

See what I mean? We get each other. Koreans and I = match made in heaven. We’re both germaphobes.

3. My apartment isn’t very big. I don’t have great spatial sense but I’m going to guess and say it’s between 400-500 square feet. And that’s probably being generous. Most apartments of similar size in North America come with a decent sized coat closet. You know, space to hang your coats AND store shoes. But Korea takes that concept and does it the TIA way. (it’s important to note here that Korea has similar weather to Toronto – i.e. cold winters and hot summers) My apartment doesn’t have a coat closet. Oh no. It has a built in SHOE closet. A floor to ceiling cabinet that can probably comfortably store between 30 to 40 pairs of shoes. My only problem now is that I only brought 5 pairs of shoes with me… and I have ALL this extra space…

My experience in Korea can be summed up with this simple analogy: Korea is like that guy you dream of meeting your whole life and when you finally do, you can’t help but think WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!?

We just MESH. SO WELL.


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