The Pink Hair Dryer

My director’s English isn’t that great so whenever we have a lot to talk about, Kayla (the head teacher) translates to make it all smoother. I know I said it before, but let me say it again. I HAVE THE BESTEST DIRECTOR. EVER. He treats me like he would his own daughter. Below is one such example. (btw, I don’t know his name and everyone calls him “director” so I do too.)

Kayla: Tia, director will walk with you tonight so you know the way to your house

Me: uh ok sure. (my apartment is a 10 min walk from the school. ON THE SAME STREET. but the director had driven me to and from the school up to that point. Maybe he subconsciously knew of the multiple times I got lost… with my GPS… in my own city…)

Kayla: Ok. Is there anything else you need?

Me: Ya actually I wanted to go to Homeplus to get a hairdryer and a few other things. How do I get a taxi from my apartment?

Kayla speaks to Director in Korean

Kayla: Director doesn’t want you going out alone at night. He will buy you a hair dryer and bring it to your apartment tomorrow when he comes to fix the wifi.


And then while walking to my apartment he says to me:

“Tia, Director English not good. But Director happy Tia is smart.  Also, Tia not open door for anyone. Kayla or Director will call before come to Tia house.”

My heart just melted.

So today he comes over with his assistant to fix my wifi and hands me a bag with my hair dryer. A PINK ONE.

AND if all that wasn’t enough…I was finally allowed to walk home alone today so as I’m leaving school he tells Kayla to tell me to call one of them as soon as I’ve reached home.

(Heart. Melt.) ^ side ways 8

May God bless him <3


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