McDonald’s does FREE DELIVERY!

I found out today that most fast food places in Korea do free delivery. AND GET THIS. Proper restaurants? They do too. The South Korean quirk, though, (isn’t there always one!) is that they do their delivery with proper plates and cutlery. And once you’re done with it, you leave it outside your door and they come back later to pick it up. Great Food. Delivered to your door. AND no dishes?! Like. SERIOUSLY? I heart Korea.

But… isn’t there always a BUT in my life! I live in a new building so my local Mcdonald’s won’t deliver to me just yet. (and by new I mean the buildings across the street are still being built) So my head teacher calls to tell me this (on a saturday morning no less) and I ask her if she’ll see if any other restaurant with chicken anything will deliver. Half an hour later she shows up at my door with this. (that’s a Shanghai spicy chicken combo if you’re wondering and it was as good as it looks)

I’m so floored by all this kindness I don’t know if I can take it anymore.


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