My guardian angel footprint is probably HUGE

A friend posted this link ( on fb and I wanted to share with my peeps because, well, awareness is the first step to action. The site asks a series of questions and calculates your “slavery footprint” It’s very insightful and I love it when organizations convey an important, pressing message in a creative way. 

Speaking of footprints, my guardian angel footprint is probably huuuuuuge. And they probably all work overtime too. If you’re reading this GAs, I just want to say: LOVE Y’ALL!!

If you couldn’t tell by that intro, this is going to be one random post so get comfortable and play this:  Yes, this post is so random it has a soundtrack.

Let’s start with FOOD. So before Korea, the only crab I liked was crab curry. Specifically, my mom’s. I wasn’t even that into crab sushi. Insert Paris Baguette. I am in LOVE with this stuff. I could eat it all day everyday. And I do. Ask me what was for lunch and dinner (and breakfast sometimes too!) for the past week. I even walked to TWO paris baguettes one night because the first one didn’t have any crab. I’m determined like that.

The first is mini crab salad burgers and the second is crab salad in a buttery croissant type wrap. Oh! The mouth-watering! Goodness!

Since so many of you have been asking about polyps-deciduous boy (P.D. boy), here’s an update: found out from Kayla that he will be moving to my Harvard class starting next month (ya, all our classes are named after US unis)

Currently I have 4 very bright, outspoken boys in that class. And I’m not sure how P.D. boy will fit in. But I think it’ll be good for him. Also told Kayla the story of how I bonded with him and she was thoroughly impressed. (I think)

Moving right along…I met some more foreign teachers Wednesday night and had this drink:

It’s called Running home run. And if that name doesn’t paint a clear picture, let me just say: Don Draper would have been proud of me.

And here’s proof of my awesome teaching (and drawing skills). 

My director’s wedding is tomorrow! (Saturday) and I’m so excited for my! first! Korean! wedding!


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