Birthday Cake & Chopsticks

OH. HEY. What’s that you ask? Oh…nothing…just a box of DELICIOUSNESS. This stuff was literally the bestest. cake. I’ve. EVER. had. It was so fluffy and soft and melt in your mouth goodness. It had a layer of strawberry stuff in between the fluffiness. And even the fruit on top was perfection. You can bet your bottom dollar this cake is getting a second date. CAKE, I’LL BE SEEING YOU AGAIN ;)

Our awesome director got it for us to celebrate Susan’s (co teacher) birthday on friday. And we ate it with chopsticks. I struggled. obviously. but totally worth it.

In Korea, you can have your cake. and eat it too. with chopsticks.

2 Comments to “Birthday Cake & Chopsticks”

  1. I love Paris Baguette cakes, they’re delicious! Reading your posts on Korea makes me nostalgic. >_< lol I had a question about your blog, I found a post through tumblr, but it links to wordpress. How were you able to do that? I've been google-ing the topic, but I still can't figure it out.

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