2 Plates of Randomsauce: Living Life in the Fast Lane

Someone once told me that life should be lived in the fast lane. Oh wait. I think that was my own thoughts talking to each other. Don’t yours do that? No? Only mine? Oh.

So teaching English in Korea to kids may not exactly be living life in the fast lane.

It may be the equivalent to driving a Prius. In the fast lane.


And that leads us to another… Plate of Randomsauce!

GUESS WHAT I FINALLY FOUND!! It’s not the swiffer sweeper I know and love, but this will do just fine for the other side of the world. I’ve never been so happy to see an aisle of cleaning products. Ok. Who am I kidding. Cool cleaning products always excite me. Like the shake-and-vac! If you know what that is, major cool points on the cool-o-meter for you!

So this is the name of the Academy I work for. After 3 weeks, I finally found out what the G and B stand for! Hint: the logo gives it away. Isn’t that the cutest thing ever!?

And here’s a pic of some of my new awesome friends taken at Thursday Party in downtown Daegu.


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