27 years & Road trips… to Picton

If my family had a middle name, it would be road trips.

And this was my dad’s idea of picking the ultimate-awesome destination:

  1. Hear random town name mentioned in random conversation with random person.
  2. Find town on map (this was before the days of GPS and mapquest)
  3. Sell town to mom, brother and I as if he had a best friend who just went there. And loved it.

Like this one time. He somehow sold us on Picton. Picton. PICTON!

My dad was always the spontaneous one. And my mom? She’s the let’s-take-this-random-situation-and-squeeze-all-the-fun-out-of-it type. So they made a great team. And they made me. Clearly that is too much awesome in one family.

And it all started 27 years ago today.


and here’s to 27 moreeeee. :)


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