Struggles Dot Com… Part 1

My washing machine doesn’t work. Let me repeat that. You know that machine in your house that does all your dirty work? That! It.doesn’ Magnitude of my situation sink in yet? Good.

So after praying and hoping and praying some more, I decided to man-up (or woman-up depending on which era you’d like to refer to- yes, in Tia’s world there is an era in which men do the cleaning and cooking. THE ONE WE LIVE IN! I kid. Sorta kinda sorta.)

Anyway, I walked over to homeplus this morning and got 2 big washing buckets. To hand.wash. ALL. MY. CLOTHES.

I haven’t exactly gotten to the washing part. I filled up the buckets with detergent and hot water and left them to soak for 5 hours (while I was at school) and now I’m gonna go tackle this mission. I’ll let you know go that part goes. You know, the actual handwashing part. But in the meantime…

I feel way pioneer-ish.

I mean, I have two full buckets. of clothes. with water and detergent. in my washroom.

I might just start churning my own butter or baking my own scones… with my 39 children. What 39 children you ask? The Korean ones I’m going to adopt before I come home. (my mom is on a plane right now with hopefully no access to my blog. or the internet… I can say whatever I want with no disclaimers. OH! THE! FREEDOM!)

But I have a feeling she’d be proud of my pioneer ways.

In other news: one of my dreams came true today. Well, sorta.

Dream: to be cast on Sailormoon.

Dream sorta coming true: student drew my avatar today. Isn’t she just SMASHING?! And she’d totally fit in on Sailormoon.


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