Hello Kitty Cafe

Hello Kitty was never my thing. I mean it’s a cartoon cat with a fat face. DON’T GET OUT THE TOMATOES JUST YET. Here me out. I have however always loved pink. Here’s proof:

Exhibit A: My dorm room at Walter Sickert Hall, London


Exhibit B: My room at East Central House, London


I was definitely always more of a Disney princess girl. (yuh think?!) BUT but. I may be becoming a convert. The decor of my future daughter’s room may  or may not have just changed from Disney to Hello Kitty. In a parallel/future universe.

And here’s how it happened. It all started innocently. You know a pink (hello kitty) trashcan… because there was no other pink option. A pair of pink hello kitty washroom slippers… pink hello kitty socks. You get the picture.

And then. Then Megan happened. She’s this beautiful, amazing (notice how it’s NOT awesome…thanks for the word sub suggestion Marcie!) girl from Atlanta.  And she randomly messages me one thurs afternoon asking if I wanted to get coffee at… wait for it… the Hello Kitty Cafe in Daegu. And I’m all ah I don’t know… and then I let my cool down and was like sure. Because I’m all about the spontaenous-ness. And I think she’s cool. Spontaneousness and coolness? I’m in.

And then I walked into this place. And. Fell. In. Love. No, really. I had the whole pitter -patter of the heart, that feeling of wholeness. And the clouds opening up to heaven. It was the equivalent of how I may have felt if I were to see, say, my knight in shining armour riding on a white horse through the storm. Ya, I’m dramatic like that. Here’s a short video I shot of all the cuteness.

Megan had a cappuccino and fudge brownie while I opted for the caramel latte + tiramisu combo. One word: deliciousness.



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