4 o’clock

For most of my life 4 o clock meant… Oprah show time!

Obviously there were detours here and there.

In elementary school, it meant end of track and field practice.
In high school, it meant end of detention.
In university, it meant nap time.
In my first job, it meant testing time.
In my second job, it meant half of my day was over.
In my third job, it meant meeting time.

And now. Now, it means this.


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3 Comments to “4 o’clock”

  1. Methinks the kid in the green sumo-wrestler parka may either be asleep or on his phone/gaming device/music player.

    Also, these kids seem to be dressed rather warmly. Is it that chilly there?

    • Ya he was… he finished his work early so I let him.

      As for jackets… the weather is getting warmer but they hardly ever take their jackets off. And then they tell me “teach-ah its hot!” and ask me to turn off the heater.

      • My mom and sister have a tendency to do the exact same thing. Whaddaya know… continents apart, actions stay the same.

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