About. Me.

Hi. My name is Tia. And I live in Korea.

Born in Sri Lanka. Raised in Toronto. Undergrad in London, England. Back to Toronto for work.

And now… teaching English in Korea… and loving it :)

Random facts about me:

  • I believe that enough melted chocolate or cheese will make anything edible.
  • I hate plans. I’m all about randomness and spontaneity! and inserting! random exclamation! marks! to make things more fun! fun! fun! SEE WHAT I MEAN!?
  • I worked in accounting then finance then marketing… and then went sailing in Croatia and decided teaching English in Korea was the next logical step.
  • I believe loofahs are the next best invention since…well, reese chocolate.
  • I love ted talks. And find them particularly inspiring in the mornings. while doing my hair.
  • I took a 10 day silent meditation course that changed my life.
  • I can’t parallel park. even if my life depended on it. Or reverse park for that matter. Sometimes, I pull through so that when I come back to my car, I can pretend I reverse parked and look all cool.
  • I believe children and dogs are the world’s best therapists.
  • Dreams, in general, fascinate me. Both my own and others’; the kind during sleep and the kind that means visions for the future.
  • I believe life is too short to be unhappy. And that we should live in the moment. Even if it means giving up on something to go after our dreams.

Being in a new environment is like being a child all over again. Everything is fascinating. I hope you enjoy reading about my experiences, thoughts and adventures in Korea as much as I enjoy writing about them.

Thank you for stopping by :)


twitter: @tiabhuva, email: tiainkorea@gmail.com

9 Comments to “About. Me.”

  1. Quite an intresting profile I must say :) would love to follow ur blog …

  2. aniyonghashimnika – no doubt I have written/pronounced that wrong! Loved this – a very, very positive way of looking at things. I’m also a teacher who has moved out of my comfort zone to come and teach – in my case science and maths to Bangladeshi children. Your comment about dogs and children is brilliant and I totally agree with you! :)

    • I’m kind of embarrassed to admit this… but I had to google “aniyonghashimnika” I’ve never heard it being used. I stick to the easier “ann-yong-ha-say-yo” but google just told me it means the same thing! I really should know more Korean :)

      I’ve never been to Bangladesh but have heard a lot about it from my friends back in Toronto. I will have to check out your blog!

      • LOL I am just starting to learn the language as some of my friends here are Korean. It will be my twelfth language to try learn so I won’t make very fast progress. But I can at least read the Korean script now :)
        You seen my blog since you read this and I know you liked it because you said that a lot! Thank you for commenting and taking the time with me. Wonderful to meet you :)

  3. Would just like to thank you for posting the Neil Degrasse Tyson youtube video and for going to all the trouble of transcribing it. I found it absolutely fascinating!!

    • You’re very welcome! I had no idea it would get posted on Reddit or be seen by so many people. I just wanted to quote him and couldn’t find a transcript so wrote it myself. It was kinda fun :) He’s an inspiration.

  4. I like your last bullet point. True, life is too short to be complicated bu rules. Live it BIG!. I see you blog on variety of topics making it an interesting read.

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