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November 30, 2011

Reasons Korea and I were meant to be… Part 3

1. You know that awkward moment in the restaurant when you’re on a date trying to impress the lady… she changed her mind and now wants a martini just as the waiter walks away. (I may or may not have been that lady… on numerous occasions)

And now you need to flag down the waiter. And you try. And you fail. Miserably. Like you look like you’re trying to land an airplane? Well. I present to you the Korean restaurant buzzer.

They have these at EVERY restaurant and they work like a charm. Press button. Wait 1.78 seconds. Waiter appears. It’s like maaaaaagic. And your airplane flagging days? Over.

2. If it isn’t apparent by all my other blog posts, let me make it official by including it here: I LOVE Korean food. the way to Tia’s heart? through her stomach. no doubt. And Korea’s got it down pat. Whoever said it’s difficult to be vegetarian/pescatarian/chickenatarian in Korea clearly never tried. It’s possible. And delicious.

Here’s evidence.The most heavenly thing on earth. (remember when I said that cake is getting a second date? I keep my word.)
The cake comes with a knife. Korea thinks of EVERYTHING.
Lady at Paris Baguette also asked me if I wanted candles. I should’ve said yes because then she and the other lady proceeded to have a conversation in Korean that probably went like this “she’s buying a WHOLE cake for herself!?”
Andddd I’ve fallen in love with Korean street food. Can you say. FRIED. STUFFED. GREEN. PEPPER?
3. How am I ever going to leave this place? It’s going to break my heart. I just know it. (I know that wasn’t really a reason. Stop judging me. I like it when things come in three.)
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