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November 9, 2011

From Ballin’ as in tears to ballin’ as in $$$

I missed my flight from Seoul to Daegu. Before you bring out the “TIA, you’re not SUPPOSED to be fashionably late for flights” line… HEAR. ME. OUT. So my flight from SF landed in Seoul at 6:40pm. And since bags must clear customs at first port of entry, I had to go through immigration/customs/baggage claim and then RE CHECK IN for my flight to Daegu at 7:20pm. 40 mins to do all that isn’t enough time regardless of how much awesome you’ve got.

SO I missed my flight and the next flight to Daegu wasn’t until the next day. And then I had 2 choices: freak out or think of a plan. I did both. In that order.

Checked into hotel on the verge of tears- main reason nice hotel lady gave me ridiculous room. I was going to get into my room and start ballin (you would too if you were ALONE in a country where you didn’t speak the language) but then I saw the room and thought a room like this and crying just don’t go together. So I decided to keep it cool. And then caught a flight in the morning. ALL’S GOOD IN THE HOOD.

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