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November 9, 2011

There’s a reason clorox doesn’t come in spray bottles.

Rewind to yesterday. I arrived bright and early at my final destination and home for the next year- Daegu! It’s as beautiful as the pictures. My school director and his boss picked me up from the airport and let me just say it now. I LUCKED OUT. BIG TIME. I’m pretty sure most other school directors don’t take their new teachers shopping. Oh did I mention he’s getting married next saturday and I’m invited? Not even 24 hours in the country and I already have a wedding invitation.

So I forgot to buy toilet cleaning products on that shopping trip. Fast forward to this morning. I wake up at 6am and realize my washroom hasn’t been cleaned the Tia way. (Tia Way: a cleaning technique that ensures all surfaces have been wiped free of bacteria) I muster up the courage to throw on a jacket and go to the corner store (Mom, corner store really means NEXT DOOR.)

Anyway, I walk in and act out a toilet seat… then proceed to sit on said toilet seat… then get off it and start cleaning it. Lady gets it. Hands me clorox. SCORE. (did I mention all of this happens in a glass store with people walking around outside… ya.)

I get back to my apartment and realize there is too much surface I want cleaned and not enough dabbing and rubbing time to do it all. So I look around my room and eye my bath and body works japanese blossom spray (which, by the way, was 2 sprays in and still very brand new) and get the brightest idea in the world. To pour out the spray and use the bottle as my new makeshift clorox bottle. Kids, please don’t try this at home. So I get all happy spraying away… and spray some more. And then it hits me. The bleach is in the air. In my eyes. In my mouth and nose. I start coughing. A little at first. Then it gets worse. I want to cough my insides out. I didn’t have time for the whole freak out and then think of a plan thing since I was already in the middle of coughing my insides out. (I guess that counts for freaking out) I open all the windows and let the bleach air out. Crisis aborted. Could crisis have been prevented? Probably. But hey in my defense, I was a little shaken up with the whole time difference and being in a new country and it being 6am. GIVE ME A BREAK. How was I supposed to know a body spray bottle would disperse the clorox and get it all air happy?

There’s a reason clorox doesn’t come in spray bottles.

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